In today’s modernized world technology is apart of our everyday lives. It contributes to almost everything in out world, from our work life, social life and even family life (Himmelsbach, 2017). Without technology in a world like today you would be lost. The digital world also has a large impact on teaching and learning. Students […]

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Digital Fluency

Script: (Visual) Digital fluency is “the ability to use digital technologies in a confident manner” (book). By a students having a digital fluency they will be more likely to achieve their learning goals. If a student has a good digital fluency they will be able to quickly access any online information, can differentiate between the […]

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What is a Digital World?

What is a digital World? A digital world is a way in which people are connected through digital devices and technology (“The ‘digital world’. What does it mean?”, 2017). In today’s world children are being brought up in a digital world and are immersed in technology from the day they are born. They are raised […]

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