Digital Identities & Digital Security

Script- (Oral Presentation)

A digital identity is a way a person is perceived by the online world. Every time someone puts a bit of personal data online it becomes part of your digital identity (Himmelsbach, 2017). Examples of things that contribute to your digital identity include, online shopping, banking, emailing, social media, and many more. Everything you do online is tracked and traced across multiple different databases, contributing to your digital identity (Himmelsbach, 2017). Your digital identity can tell people a lot about you, such as what you eat, where you shop and what your favorite apps are. Your digital identity however, is protected by passwords and PINS.

Its important for teachers to be aware of their own, along with their students digital identify. If a teacher had some inappropriate content on one of their social media accounts and students or parents came across it, it could have some very unfortunate effects on their teaching career and the same goes for students.

Teachers need to educate students on the importance of having a suitable digital identity and what impacts it can have on their lives.

Digital security is the “protection of your digital identity” (reference), As well as ways in which you can protect your digital identity (“What is digital security? – Just Ask Gemalto US”, 2017).

In todays world people are a lot more likely to be victim to online threats or scams. There are ways to ensure you have strong digital security including—strong passwords, anti virus software’s, only using trusted encrypted websites and hiding your personal information(“What is digital security? – Just Ask Gemalto US”, 2017). Younger children are more prone to scams and hackers as they are more unaware of the dangers online. Therefore teachers need to ensure students are educated so they have a strong knowledge on digital security, so they are able to protect themselves online. This can be done by showing students what the possible outcomes of poor digital security are so they are motivated to change.


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