What is a Digital World?

What is a digital World?

A digital world is a way in which people are connected through digital devices and technology (“The ‘digital world’. What does it mean?”, 2017). In today’s world children are being brought up in a digital world and are immersed in technology from the day they are born. They are raised around the idea of social media and social interactions. Even the way people communicate today is within reference to the online world.


(Industries, 2015)

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Its important for teachers to understand the digital world because students almost have a “second life” online and teachers need to be aware of this. There are certain dangers involved with a digital world that can have negative results on a child’s wellbeing and esteem.


Technology is needed in the classroom as it is seen as a tool in helping students and teachers (Howell, 2013). But in order for technology to be useful in the classroom teachers need to have a knowledge of how it can be used to better the student’s education and when it is acceptable to use technology and when it shouldn’t be used (Howell, 2013).

With the digital world growing as fast as it is teachers need to keep up and continue to stay in touch with the newest technologies to improve the learning skills of students (“Living in a Digital World”, 2017). Educational technology tends to be different to the technology used in everyday life so teachers need to be aware of this and willing to learn new skills on a regular basis to ensure that they will have positive learning outcomes. Students also need to be willing to learn new digital skills in relation to their education and learn to be “digitally fluent” across all forms of technology.



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