Digital Fluency

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Digital fluency is “the ability to use digital technologies in a confident manner” (book). By a students having a digital fluency they will be more likely to achieve their learning goals. If a student has a good digital fluency they will be able to quickly access any online information, can differentiate between the truthfulness of information and are aware of digital security (elearningtki).

Digital fluency is becoming a necessity in today’s world with the rapid growth of digital use. Technology is used in every aspect of people lives. Students need to be aware of this because in a couple of years it will be a prerequisite for most jobs and become more integrated within our society (White, 2013). As their lives will be shaped around technology it is important for them to have a good knowledge of it. By being digitally fluent students and teachers they will be able to protect themselves from any scams or online hacking and protect their digital identity (Spencer, 2017).

Today’s generation has been labeled as the “digital age” but in order for them to succeed educationally they need to be digitally fluent with education technology, not just their personal devices. Many tasks in today’s schools require students to be digitally fluent in order to pass as pretty much all assignments and testing requires students to be able to use a digital device efficiently.

Teachers will also have to be digitally fluent and be able to teach technology skills to students who require it. Teachers will also be required to use a substantial amount of technology in relation to their teaching so a good digital fluency is required. Teachers use technology in the classroom in forms such as interactive whiteboards, kahoot, online tests, etc. And in order for teachers to use these devices to effectively to communicate the purpose of the lesson to the students they need to be digitally fluent.



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