In today’s modernized world technology is apart of our everyday lives. It contributes to almost everything in out world, from our work life, social life and even family life (Himmelsbach, 2017). Without technology in a world like today you would be lost.

The digital world also has a large impact on teaching and learning. Students today are more reliant on technology than ever before, so teachers need to be digitally fluent in order to keep up with student’s needs and demands (“Living the Digital World”, 2017). Teachers need to have knowledge of today’s digital world so they can continue to educate current and future students using it, due to the fact that there are so many educational tools online that can assist with students learning.


Throughout this assessment, I had to use multiple styles of technology. Firstly I used the app Tellagami for my oral section. I had never used this app before so it was a new experience for me. I discovered that this app would be useful in teaching because it’s a fun and creative way of teaching. Through a character on the screen speaking in your voice makes the learning engaging and interesting for all.

I also used Powtoon in the visual component of the assessment. This website helped me understand how many educational uses there are for technology and different ways that a message can be made. There were hundreds of different templates, images, and designs that could be used to make the presentation as interesting as possible. This is good for teaching and learning because it’s engaging for students, so they are more likely to listen.

The Blog post also taught me that by setting out a basic essay into a blog with images, statistics and links it gives the test more depth and the readers are more likely to read the blog because it appeals to them. This is beneficial for teachers because students are attracted to colorful and bright images.



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